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Cellphone Tracking Software - CellTrack R2750

Swift Investigations brings you CellTrack. CellTrack is an awesome cellphone tracking software module.

CellTrack enables you to remotely track any smartphone using GPS.

What makes this software so incredible?

  • Simplicity - the software can be installed in seconds
  • Range - track more than one cell phone from an internet based control panel
  • Accuracy - locate current position and track movement in google maps
  • Multi device - Accessible from computer, tablet and cellphones

Easy Peasy Installation

The software can be installed manually in a matter of seconds over the internet.

The software can also be installed remotely.

Call for more details...


  • Software installed in seconds - no difficult configuration
  • Celltrack software is not visible to person using the phone
  • Smartphone is tracked using the phones ID and GPS
  • Control panel allows multiple devices to be tracked
  • Request smartphone location when and where you like
  • Setup allowable zones - when these zones are breached you receive an email alert
  • Record cellphones past location coordinates
  • Coordinate history can be ported to xls or csv
Blackberry CellTrack compatible HTC CellTrack compatible Nokia CellTrack compatible Samsung CellTrack compatible


Cell Track software is compatible with most smartphones.

Among these are Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, Motorola and HTC smart phones.
To see if your phone is compatible contact us via our "contact us" page.